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I’m a writer. Even though many of my ideas are still running like crazy in my head. Here’re the things that I usually have in my Property Of... backpack:


1. MacBook Pro w/ Retina display 13" 256GB

2. iPad Air 2 128GB

3. iPhone 4S (I know it’s outdated, but I love the 4-inch look)

4. iPod 160GB

5. Kindle Paperwhite 6" w/ Leather Cover

6. Filofax 2016 A5 Organizer, Nappa Black

7. Moleskine Classic Notebook Plain

8. Mondaine Pencil Case with Lamy Pencils

9. M0851 Purse

10. Portable charger

11. iPhone and iPod charger & iPad charger

Of course, there are other small things, including my keys, metro card, lip balm, hand cream, etc., that I have inside my bag but are left out from the photo. Oh and I’m a black-and-white person from head to toe.

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